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Diari Tengku Anis
Rnysa Book Cafe
Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullah Tawaran istimewa Rakan Rnysa RR1: Cinta Pertama - RM35 RR2: Cinta Pertama + Kerana Dia, Ratu Sehari - RM70 RR3: Cinta Pertama / Kerana Dia, Ratu Sehari + 1 novel JS karya* Rnysa - RM55 RR4: RADHA - RM20 RR5: Kebun Mimpi + Warna - RM35 RR6: Set lengkap 5 karya* Rnysa - RM120 Pos PERCUMA + tanda tangan + ucapan penulis. Setiap pembelian Cinta Pertama mendapat buku nota Cinta Pertama, selagi stok masih ada. Sila PM FB Rnysa atau email rnysa(alias)ymail(dot)com untuk tempahan. Sertakan nama, kod RRx, alamat Penghantaran ke luar Malaysia dikenakan caj tambahan. Selamat membeli ya Terima kasih. Dari, Rnysa Book Cafe -- Karya* membawa maksud novel solo, novel kompilasi dan antologi bersama penulis lain. Dan 'Cinta Pertama' dan 'Kerana Dia, Ratu Sehari' merupakan antologi cerpen Rnysa bersama-sama para penulis yang lain.

Pipe fittings in Star
Contaminated water like an invisible killer, to people's health is always a threat of bacteria. Ultra-use green as the main pipelines do not rust, no corrosion, no leakage, no scaling quality management. Widely used in drinking water, sewage, oil and gas mainly composed of the chemical industry, power industry, chemical, pharmaceutical, boiler, heating, shipbuilding, machinery manufacturing. In the elbow pipe fittings, reducers connections, diversions, deflate decompression places. Qingyun Star Fittings Co.,Ltd. We are specialized in supplying Stainless Steel & Carbon Steel for Press Fittings, Pipe Fittings, Pipe Nipple and Machinery Parts etc.We now have over 50 sets of imported CNC lathes for processing production and the annual production capacity is around 600 Tons in 304/316 304/316L stainless steel and carbon steel.We are also in position to supply top quality products including accurate dimensions and reasonable price.we have implemented a strict and complete quality control... (more)

whinny yinnie
why this much pain and drama over 1

i gave him the advice to not feel bad about the whole world, just because of a few people making his life miserable. Why can't I do the same? I am beating myself up and feeling depressed for more than a year now, only for 1 person. He has had it much, much worse. Broke and in debt, friends deserted him, despise him, stealing from him, spreading news about him... oh my god. It's literally everything going wrong. His business that he worked so hard for.. just folded on itself on him, because his partners turned their backs on him. His houses that he worked so hard for... the money he spent buying stuff there... I really don't dare to imagine the level of pain and torture he is going through.... to have no money, no results, no friends, not a single positive thing going here for him, everything just going bad. Why though, why are his so-called friends acting like that?... maybe i'm too blinded by love to see him for who he actually is... All I know is, he has a kind heart and he really... (more)

Truth in Love
Please Wake Up!
Link: Please Wake-Up, Please Author: Tim Cameron Source: Related Article: Are You Asleep, by J.C. Ryle You know some people can sleep through anything, even sirens and storm warnings, but with the storm that is approaching you can’t afford stay asleep! “Look! The Lord’s anger bursts out like a storm, a whirlwind that swirls down on the heads of the wicked. The anger of the Lord will not diminish until it has finished all he has planned. In the days to come you will understand all this very clearly.” (Jeremiah 23:19-20) “And the kings of the earth, the great men, the rich men, the commanders, the mighty men, every slave and every free man, hid themselves in the caves and in the rocks of the mountains, and said to the mountains and rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of Him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb! For the great day of... (more)

Daily Devotion
Replacing Doubt With Trust
Date: Friday, October 31, 2014 Today's Chapters: Luke 23-24 Message Title: Replacing Doubt With Trust Hello My Friend, Of all the years since I have dedicated my life to my Lord, Jesus Christ I have not seen any more trying on my faith than this one. I look at all the directions that I can go, and can honestly say that I do not want to go in any direction than one in which I am led by Christ. I cannot imagine doing some of the things I once did before He took up permanent residence in my life, yet it has been a struggle every day to get up and do what He calls me to do. I admit that one of the reasons why I am struggling this year is because I am dealing with a lot of setbacks, and no matter what I try to do I seem to keep going further back rather than forward. This has got me thinking, as Christians, we have no problem trusting Jesus in saving our soul, but how often do we trust Him completely beyond our salvation? If it seems like you are stuck in a rut, even while Christ is in... (more)

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